Judge Richard Johnson Law Office


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Our latest project involves the preservation and restoration of the Judge Richard Johnson law office, thought to have been constructed in the 1840s. Judge Johnson (1847-1921) practiced law there in the late 1800s. The tenants prior to Judge Johnson are unknown at present. 

On January 26, 2016, we took the first step towards our goal by moving the building from its original location on Madison St. near the old courthouse square to a site near our Schoolhouse Museum (shown above).  For more about the law office move, click here to read The Jones County News coverage and here to see pictures of the move.  

For an update on our progress, click here.


About Judge Richard Johnson:   Richard Johnson (1847-1921) was the son of Francis Solomon and Lucia Griswold Johnson.  Both he and his wife, Annie Griswold, were grandchildren of Samuel Griswold, an important early Southern industrialist in Clinton and later Griswoldville.  Judge Johnson lived his entire life in his childhood home on Madison St (no longer standing).  He first practiced law in Clinton and then in Gray when it became the county seat in 1905.  From 1877 to1887, he was Judge of the Jones County Court.  He was a Representative in the Georgia legislature in 1888-89 and a Senator in 1890-91.

Clinton law offices:  Deed research shows that the Johnson office is one of three early-19th-century buildings on Madison St. that have been used as law offices.  The other two have been incorporated into the residences at 412 Madison St. (Iverson and Lowther office) and 418 Madison St (Judge Jackson Clay Barron office, formerly the Peter Clower store).